One Week Game - Day 7

This is the final update of my one week game project. As promised, today you can download a beta version to try out for yourself.

Overall it's been a successful week. I've met in the original goal of writing a game in 7 days. It might not be a fully polished and ready for release game, but it is entirely playable.

The daily updates will stop now, but I'm going to continue to finish the game, I need to create some sound effects, improve the menu screens and add some animation and transitions. I will be releasing it to the Windows Phone 7 market place over the coming weeks. I'll also be exploring the options for PC and XBox versions so watch this space.

Use the mouse to navigate the menus, and the arrow keys to move the player.

If you have any problems, please report bugs or issues using the details on the contact page.

  • Run directly: Boxed In
    If you already have .Net 4 and XNA installed, you can just run the app directly from this website.
  • Download and run: BoxedInSetup.exe
    This will install the game and all the prerequisites for you. (You may get a warning from your browser that the file appears malicious. This is because I haven't yet got a signing certificate for the game. I will have this sorted for any final releases.)
  • Download and unzip: BoxedIn.Zip
    Once unzipped you can run BoxedIn.application to start the game directly from the download location, or run BoxedInSetup.exe to install the game and prerequisites.