One Week Game - Day 5

This is the day 5 update of my one week game project. Almost no code was written today, it was a day of art and design.

I've finally accepted the fact that I'm going to have to do the artwork for this game myself. I spent a large part of the morning drawing and redrawing the level tiles until I was happy with them. The problem with my artistic ability is not just the significant lack of ability, but also the speed at which I'm able to produce anything. It took several attempts and reworks before I was able to produce the required set of 16 tiles that fitted together seamlessly in all the possible configurations. The new graphics are an attempt to look like a Tron style virtual reality world.

To take a break from the art I worked on designs for two new puzzles. It's surprisingly difficult to come up with levels that aren't instantly solvable with a single move, it's very easy to initially overlook a block that can be moved to allow the player straight through to the exit.

I spent a little bit of time in the afternoon looking at Blender. If all goes to plan I'm hoping to create a 3D model for the player character. Don't expect anything complex, but the hope is that by using a 3D model rather than the flat tile that is currently being used I will be able to rotate it to face the direction of movement.