One Week Game - Day 4

This is the day 4 update of my one week game project. Over half way through now. I've made good progress but there's a lot left to do.

The first thing to announce is that I now have a name, thanks to Sara the game will be called "Boxed In".

As I mentioned yesterday, my first job this morning was to fix the pushing movement bugs that allowed the player to push composite blocks sideways. This was achieved by restricting collisions to only the exposed edges of blocks rather than along all sides.

Once the bugs were out the way I spent some time improving the level loader to allow multiple composite blocks to be defined, along with different textures. Next I increased the size of the level to allow for a extra space all the way around the border. This is to allow the entrance and exit corridors which can be seen in the level screen shots.

Most of the afternoon was spent creating the menus and scene switching code. The complete flow of the game is now implemented. I've created a main menu, a pause menu with restart and resume options, and a level complete menu with a next and quit option.

I thought that today I'd end with a video of the game running on the actual hardware.