One Week Game - Day 3

This is the day 3 update of my one week game project.

Today started with work on the level select menu. This might seem very simple, but in order to correctly allow selection of the locked and unlocked levels I also had to write the saving and loading system to keep track of player progress. The level selection menu will automatically display all the available levels and each time a level is completed the next one is unlocked. As part of the level tracking I've now also implemented the level completion code.

Once the level selection and tracking was complete I moved on to some improvements to the block tiling system. Now the tile loader will detect when a large block is composed of multiple small blocks and use appropriate tiles to make the connections between blocks smooth. It might be a subtle change, but once I have some real artwork in place this will make the blocks more defined and easier to see. You might also notice that I've implemented a visual indicator for the level goal.

I've discovered a few bugs that have arisen in the movement behaviour, for example, it's possible to catch the player on the side of a combined block and drag it along sideways which would defeat the point of many of the puzzle possibilities. Tomorrow I will start by resolving some of these handling issues and then perhaps it's time to start designing some real levels.