One Week Game - Day 1

Today I started on my one week game project. This is the first update on my progress after a solid day of coding.

I'm trying to keep the concept as simple as possible to allow me to realistically complete the game in my one week deadline. The game is going to be a puzzle based on the player moving blocks around to find a path to the exit.

The platform I'm going to be targeting initially is Windows Phone 7, with the potential for a PC and XBox version at some point in the future. This is mainly to keep the learning curve as low as possible for me as I've already got a fair amount of experience with C# and XNA.

As you can see from the screenshots and video so far I've got some basic player movement and the behaviour for the blocks working. My first task for tomorrow is to code support for different sizes and shapes of blocks, and then to start working on the level structure.

It's quite clear my artwork is definitely not going to be up to scratch, so if you can draw/animate and want to get involved with this project, send me an email or give me a call.