At Creou we are passionate about software development. We are a consultancy specialising in everything .Net. Founded in 2011 we provide expertise and developer support for C# .Net projects. We rapidly apply our previous experience to an unfamiliar code base.

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I am a passionate software developer with 10 years of industry experience and an MCPD since 2009. I specialise in .Net and related technologies and have a wide range of experience across the entire Microsoft ecosystem from .net 2.0 to the current platforms. I’ve been involved with projects for desktop (WinForms, WPF), web ( MVC and Azure), mobile (XNA, Silverlight and WinRT) and store apps (WinRT and UWP). SQL Server is typically the back end I choose.

In 2014-2015 I temporarily expanded my company to handle an increased commitment to several larger projects. During this period, I took on the additional roles of project lead and customer liaison in addition to my day to day development work.

Open source and other projects

Creou regularly open sources software projects that are used to expand experience and knowledge of technologies. Source code for many of these projects is available on GitHub.

  • Creou Website - The source code for this website.
    • Asp.Net MVC, Bootstrap, jQuery
  • Creou Sites - A website templating and hosting service.
  • InTouch - A web based micro CRM for small businesses.
  • Boxed in - puzzle game for windows phone 7 />8 and Windows 8 Modern style UI.
    • Beta version created in one week.
    • Currently preparing final version for market place release. (Demo available on request)
    • Prize winner in CodeProject / Intel AppInnovation competition.
    • C#.Net v4.5, XNA 4, MonoGame, Windows Phone 8, Windows 8.
  • OISC VM - Virtual machine environment and assembler for "One Instruction Set Computing" CPU.
    • C#/.Net v4.

Community involvement

Creou take an active role in contributing to the software development community.

  • DDD East Anglia (2013/2014) – Developer conference
    • Part of the organising team for two annual developer conferences.
    • 300 attendees, 5 tracks, 25 speakers.
  • Sponsor to DDD South west 2014.
  • Python Club (2012/2013) – Two 6 week courses at a local school teaching game programming.
  • NxtGenUG (2011-2013) Delivered three 20 minute talks:
    • Entity Framework 4 POCO (Rated 7.2/9).
    • Programmable Microcontrollers (Rated 8.1/9).
    • Introduction to XNA (Rated 8.5/9)
  • XNA-UK UG (2010-2012) – Part of the organising team for this user group dedicated to XNA.

Some recent projects

May 2013 – September 2016.

Multiple high profile projects as part of MCS, the customer facing services team at Microsoft:

  • Windows 10 UWP re-write of leading social media platform. More than 20 million daily users.
  • Windows Phone 8 version of popular music streaming service, built from scratch. Direct point of contact for customer.
  • Customer liaison and platform assistance for development team on a Windows 10 port of upcoming prototype design tool from a leading software company. Very quick ramp up on new technology stack C++/CX.
  • C#/.Net v4.5
  • Windows Phone 8 (Silverlight)
  • Windows 10 UWP (Desktop & mobile targets, responsive UI)
  • C++/CX.
Hadley Group (Multiple engagements)
September 2016, June 2016 and March 2014
  • Companywide updates to their in-house production control software.
  • Upgrades to their internal build server infrastructure.
  • Audit and advice on their existing software development processes.
  • C#/.Net v4.5
  • Entity framework
  • Dapper
  • Subversion
Greenhous Group (Multiple engagements)
June 2014 – December 2014.
  • Customer facing project lead for the team building server side infrastructure for a new web based vehicle management system.
  • WebAPI server with entity framework data access.
  • Fully scalable running on Azure.
  • Successful delivery 2 weeks ahead of schedule.
  • C#/.Net v4.5
  • WebAPI 2
  • Entity framework
  • Azure
  • VSO
May 2011 – November 2011.
  • Assisted with development push to complete their internal sales platform (WPF), and reporting system (SSRS).
  • Development of a new prototype retail website (ASP.Net MVC)
  • Development of a new MOT booking platform (Silverlight)
  • C#/.Net v3.5/4
  • WPF
  • Prism
  • ASP.Net MVC 3
  • Razor
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • jQuery
  • Modernizr
  • Silverlight 4
  • RIA Services
  • NHibernate
  • Entity framework
  • SQL Server 2005/2008
  • TFS
Bravissimo Ltd
April 2012 – April 2013.
  • Part of the team delivering a brand new mobile website.
  • Single page app architecture.
  • Support for iPhone, Android and Windows Phone 7/8.
  • JavaScript
  • HTML 5
  • CSS 3
  • Backbone.js
  • Backbone.Marionette
  • jQuery
  • Underscore.js
  • Handlebars.js
  • C#.Net v4
  • ASP.Net MVC 3
  • Razor
  • Git
Aqua Intelligence
March/April 2012.
  • Development of improvements to their Mercedes Benz Accelerate sales platform.
  • C#.Net v4
  • ASP.Net MVC 3
  • Razor
  • Entity framework
  • SQL Server 2008
  • TFS
December 2011 – February 2012.
  • Development of two new modules for existing PharmaBase platform.
  • C#.Net v3.5/v4
  • SharePoint 2010
  • ASP.Net
  • WCF Data Services
  • Entity framework
  • SQL Server 2008
  • TFS
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